Meet The Operations Team

Dr. Antoine Espinet

Founder & CEO

  • 2 years of experience in cell therapy start up

  • 4.5 years at McKinsey & Company as Engagement manager, with experience in manufacturing, sourcing and strategy

  • PhD, Environmental Eng, Cornell University

  • Diplôme d’ingénieur, Ecole Centrale Paris

Prof. Toby King

Chairman & interim COO

  • 25 years of experience in technology development, particularly in small organisations working in highly regulated environments, with several CTO/COO/CEO/Chairman roles

  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering applied to medical devices from Cambridge University


Cassie Primett

People & Operations Manager

  • 3 years experience as a professional operations manager.

  • 8 years within retail and events management

Meet The Microfluidics Team

Dr. Cesare  Cejas

Founder & Head of Microfluidics

  • Background in soft matter physics and hydrodynamics

  • UKRI Future Leaders Fellow

  • 5 years experience in microfluidics and microfabrication at Ecole Superieure de Physique et Chimie Industrielle (ESPCI Paris)

  • Post-doc with Sanofi (Pharmaceutical Sciences - Early Dev't.)

  • PhD in Materials Physics and Chemistry at Sorbonne University

Dr. Antonio De Grazia

Microfluidics Engineer

  • 6 years of experience in microfluidics across different countries and continents

  • Experience with design, fabrication and validation of microfluidic devices with biological applications ranging from imaging, to chemical analysis of microorganisms for regenerative medicine and microbiology

Dr. Manjari Ghanshyam

Microfluidics Engineer

  • Experience in micro and nanofabrication, microfluidic design and testing for biological applications

  • PhD in Lab on a chip from University of Hull (Chemistry and School of Engineering)

  • Post-doctoral at the University of Warwick (Engineering and Life Science)

Dr. Sreedhar Mareddy

Microfluidics Technician

  • Physicist with experience in MEMS fabrication, process development and thin film technology

Meet The Bioprocessing Team

Dr. James Kusena

Head of Bioprocessing

  • Experience and PhD in human pluripotent stem cell culture and differentiation from Loughborough University

  • Experience in cell therapy process development and manufacturing optimisation

  • Background in Medicinal Chemistry, International Business and Health economics


Nicholas Akosa

Bioprocessing Scientist

  • 3 years experience processing and analysing human cell populations for pharmacodynamic endpoints

  • 2 years experience manufacturing

  • CAR-T cells, including all stages of manufacturing - from starting cells to finished drug product for cancer immunotherapy trials

  • Background in Biomedical Science

Swetha Loganathan

Bioprocessing Scientist

  • Experienced in Bioprocessing and molecular techniques

  • Previously employed as Associate biomedical scientist at Synlab UK

  • MSc in Molecular biotechnology

  • B.Tech in Biotechnology

Dr. Debra Carter

Senior Bioprocessing  Technician

  • PhD at the University of Bristol in inflammation and healing in the human retina

  • Experience with progenitor cells, cell differentiation, primary cell lines and cell analysis techniques including FACS analysis

  • 2 years experience with molecular biology and gene manipulation in yeast cells. MSc Immunology

  • BSc (hons) Biology

Meet The Academic Team

William Edwards

PhD Researcher  (in collaboration with King's College London)

  • Background in Biochemistry and Translational Biomedical Research from Cambridge University 

  • Recipient of King's College iCASE Studentship (Industrial Collaborative Awards in Science and Engineering)

Dr. Maria Grazia Barbato

Post-Doctoral Researcher  (in collaboration with King's College London)

  • Experienced in Bioprocessing and molecular techniques.

  • Previously employed as Associate biomedical scientist at Synlab UK

  • MSc in Molecular biotechnology

  • B.Tech in Biotechnology

Meet The Advisory Team

Dr. Jim Mills

Bioprocessing Expert

Mark Carver_edited.jpg

Prof. Mark Carver 

Cell & Gene Therapy Expert

Dr. Iwan Roberts

Biotechnology Expert